Daniel Yeh Co., Ltd. is established by Mr. Daniel Yeh since 2020 and it was already the time after his three decades service dedicated in a well-known team sports ball factory.  Daniel was the Sales Manager there and not only responsible for the sales of basketball, volleyball, rubber playground ball, American football, rubber medicine ball, etc. but also sold other sports products & equipment such as baseball products (base, home plate, safety base, etc.), rubber lacrosse ball (including practice goal), soccer training items (rebound net, tactic board, hurdle, electric inflator, pressure gauge, sport sled, jump and speed trainer, etc.), tennis ball cart (including tennis ball), and even more other products.  He always tells his clients, “Please let us know what you need and we will do all our best to serve you.”

This team sports ball factory run mass production for leading brands in the world and even the rest products are all produced by sub-factories also serve leading brands.  With these aforesaid, Mr. Daniel Yeh can provide very excellent quality sports products, but, still with very favorable price. Plus his very good service, he gains high reputation from all his clients and this is the main reason he gives his new company named with his English name, Daniel Yeh, for clients easily to recognize who is in charge of this new company.  Once you ever have had the chance to do business with Daniel and would like to take the matter further, he will be glad to let you know more history of his business and the products.  

Of course, these rest products factories are chosen by Mr. Daniel Yeh during his three decades working history.  Due to very good cooperation relationship and his sufficient professional knowledge, he believes his new company can provide you the best service, price, and quality.  Just please kindly bear in mind, competing with price is not always his first priority, but, instead, his goal is to serve the clients they expect to establish their own brand image in the market and will have positive chance to gain profit based on these products. 

Any concern or requirement, please just feel free to let him know.  He and his staffs will be glad to serve you.  Daniel is the one you can always count on.  Thanks.

Very sincerely yours

Daniel Yeh