Our factories are chosen under very critical quality processes and verification.  We produce inflatable team sports ball such as basketball, volleyball, American football, soccer ball, rubber playground ball, etc.  There are two portions: one is rubber ball and the other is laminated ball.  All these are sort of molded products.  For a rubber ball, it is constructed with inner bladder layer, middle nylon winding layer, and outer rubber cover.  If for a rubber playground ball, it is made without nylon winding layer.  And if a laminated ball, it includes an extra leather panel layer on the rubber cover.  Our balls meet FIBA, FIVB, or FIFA quality standard. In case, you need to apply official approval stamp, we will be glad to assist you to apply this at your cost with very reasonable price.  Just kindly be reminded, the applicant will be brand owner, not us.  With more than 50 years production experience (our production technique is from Taiwan), we are proud to say we produce the matchless quality inflatable team sports ball in the market.  So far, our factory continually produces for some big brands in the ball market.

Regarding the MOQ, the normal MOQ for this is 360 pcs per size / design / item, but there still request certain MOQ per order / shipment based on varied delivery requirement.  For this reason, once we can discuss final order quantity, we will let you know if there is still needing extra handling charge for you to complete the purchase.


Rubber Basketball


Microfiber PU Basketball


Water Absorbing PU Basketball


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